Mard's Literaki Pocket EN is an addictive crossword game for mobile devices


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Literaki’s rules are easy to learn and similar to other word games’ rules. Mard’s Literaki Pocket EN gives you the ability to challenge up to three other human or computer players on one palmtop. You can choose from four different skill levels of computer players – the toughest one is a great opponent while the weakest can be used by beginners.  

The game uses a comprehensive dictionary which contains more than 115 000 words to validate words placed by players. The look of the game may be easily customized from options menu by choosing one of 15 built-in backgrounds, player colors etc. The rules of  Mard's Literaki are easy to learn and similar to other word games' rules. You can play against up to three computer or human players on the same computer. The game help is distributed with the game and can be also found here.

The features of Mard's Literaki Pocket EN:

Addictive gameplay
Up to four players on one palmtop
Four different computer skill levels

Comprehensive, word game-oriented dictionary with more than 115 000 words

Each version is shipped with 2 board sets and 15 different background tiles
Rules are included in built-in help and are easy to learn

Customizable interface



Windows Pocket PC 2003 or later, 32 MB system RAM, 2 MB storage, 240x320 screen

Special thanks to

Special thanx to A. for making me write this program. I'd like to thank the wxWidgets  team for such a wonderful piece of software.


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