Mard's Literaki ENGLISH is a crossword game


You can now buy a Pocket PC version of Mard's Literaki here.


The rules of  Mard's Literaki are easy to learn and similar to other word games' rules. You can play against up to three computer or human players on the same computer. The game help is distributed with the game and can be also found here.

What are the advantages of Mard's Literaki :

It's completely free :)
It doesn't require any additional libraries to play
It gives You the opportunity to challenge 4 different computers. The toughest computer player is a great opponent
The interface of Mard's Literaki is very customizable
Each version is shipped with 2 board sets and 15 different background tiles
You can play offline with other human players on one PC.
Minimal requirements:  Pentium 90 or better , 16 Mb RAM, Windows 95/NT or better
There's a Polish version as well. Click here to visit its site

Windows version

Version 1.12 for Windows:

Thanx to

Special thanx to A. for making me write this program. I'd like to thank the wxWindows  team for such a wonderful piece of software. I'd also like to thank the maker of for organizing the whole contest.


If you'd like to contact me, please  e-mail me!

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